How long does it take for bare legs to rust?

All of our bare legs are dispatched with a thin film of oil to help prevent rust. This will however gradually disappear (or you will clean it!) and your bare legs will be prone to rusting.


Bare legs will eventually rust indoors due to natural moisture in the air. The rate at which they will rust depends entirely on this - how humid or dry your particular home is. We have seen bare legs in our own homes last a few months without too much rust however we have also had reports of our customers legs rusting within a matter of weeks.

Bare legs can be upkept in the home by giving them a good scrub every now and again with some WD40 and a washing up scotch pad.


If it rains your bare steel legs will rust within a matter of hours..

Some of our customers actually love the rusted steel look. To achieve this quicker you can apply some vinegar or lemon juice onto your legs and leave them outside for a few days.

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