Using our legs for outdoor furniture

Commercial Grade

We offer two products that are officially graded for commercial grade outdoor use. These are hairpin table legs in either a Zinc or Stainless Steel.

Light Use

All of our products are available in a durable Powder coat paint: 

While the paint is water resistant, we do not treat the raw steel with an outdoor specific treatment prior to coating and therefore we cannot guarantee the finish over many years. Scratches through the paint will expose raw metal which will then rust and can peel off the paint.

While we have had many customers go down this route, and their projects have lasted for years, its not something we are happy to recommend as the best option.


Probably the best option is to paint the raw steel legs with a suitable outdoor paint e.g. Hammerite or RonSeal garden. This provides you with a very durable finish in the exact colour you like, and most importantly you are able to easily touch up any scratches or scrapes that might occur over time.

Further Information

Despite what other manufactures may tell you, there are only a few ways to produce an outdoor metal finish that will last for many years. In all cases, you need to ensure that the base metal will not rust. This can be done by either:

  • Choosing a base metal that does not rust in its natural form. The most common options are stainless steel and aluminium.
  • Protect the base metal with a durable surface treatment. For most outdoor items, this means electroplating or galvanising the steel in a zinc coating first.

Why we dont currently offer this on other products

In short, it is down to the cost. To make a product with the level of finish we strive for we would need to go down the aluminium or stainless steel route. As you may have noticed from the stainless steel hairpins we make, there is a significant price difference. This becomes even greater on some of our bigger products, and as such it is just not viable at the moment. We are still working on some options.

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