Paints and colours

All of our painted legs are powder coated. Powder is sprayed onto the legs which have an electric charge passing through them. This causes the paint to stick. Next they are baked in an oven, causing the paint to melt together and form an extremely smooth, durable layer.

The powder coat gives the legs a satin finish. This is halfway between matt and gloss textures. We think this gives the perfect finish.

RAL Colours

Our powder coated colours use the RAL colour system to ensure consistency across manufacturing batches and to other manufacturers parts.

Black 9017

Yellow 1003 

Red 3001 

Pastel Green 6019 

Duck Egg Blue  6027

White 9003

Orange 2004

Our legs are also available to buy uncoated, with just the untreated raw steel, with a clear powdercoat which protects the steel but does not affect the colour, or electro-plated with a layer of copper, chrome, zinc or brass.

Custom Colours

We can offer custom colour options for bulk orders of 10 sets or more.

Drop us an email to to discuss how we can help.

You can also paint the legs yourself. Choose the raw steel legs and use an automotive rattle can spray paint. We recommend using an acid etch primer undercoat then a colour top coat for the best finish. You can find more advice on finishing the legs yourself here.

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