2 rod or 3 rod hairpin legs?

Adding a 3rd rod to your hairpin legs makes them considerably stiffer. This means your table wobbles less, providing a high quality working/eating surface. The 3rd rod makes the most difference on the longer length legs and has much less effect on the cabinet and low coffee table sized legs.

Console table / 34 inches

The longer the legs, the more likely they will flex and therefore the more important choosing the correct leg is to ensure you're happy with the end result. For this reason we only offer the 34 inch legs in a 3 rod version.

Dining table / 28 inches

3 rod - Across all our hairpin leg ranged, 3 rod is recommended whenever you are intending to work or eat at the table. The 3rd rod offers a huge amount of extra stiffness, creating a rock solid work surface.

2 rod - In most scenarios, the 2 rod legs at table height are really only good for a side table. The 2 rod legs can still support a heavy weight but the flex and wobble when you push against the table makes them not be suitable for constant use. The one exception to this is a small desk with a heavy duty (12mm) 2 rod leg - this works well with a small desk top weighing up to 20kg maximum.

Bench / 16 inches

As a general rule of thumb, the classic (10mm) 2 rod legs in bench height are good for up to 2 - 3 average sized adults. The 3 rod legs are recommended when you have 3 people or more.

Coffee table / 8 , 10  or 12 inches

On these shorter legs the 2 rod version works well in all scenarios. The shorter length means flex and wobble is not an issue.

Furniture feet / 4 inches

With this short length of leg there is no flex so a 3rd rod adds no benefit.

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