What size legs should I choose?


4 Inch / 10cm = Furniture Feet

8 Inch / 20cm = Cabinet

10 Inch / 25cm = Low Coffee Table

12 Inch / 30cm = Low Coffee Table

14 Inch / 35cm = Coffee Table

16 Inch / 40cm = Bench or Seating

28 Inch / 71cm = Desk or Table

34 Inch / 86cm = Counter top or Bar


Our table height Industrial Box Section legs come in either 58cm or 78cm widths.

As a rough guide the 58cm legs can be used for tables up to 120cm wide, and 78cm are suitable for tables from 100-150cm wide.

Custom sizes

If you have a large project that requires a custom size leg we would be happy to help. We can produce any size under 1m.

Minimum order size is 10 sets of legs and custom charges will apply. 

Drop us an email to hello@thehairpinlegcompany.co.uk to discuss how we can help.

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