What finish should I choose? What is clear coat?

"Finish" is a term used to describe any finishing touch to the legs. In this case we mean paint or coating.

Raw steel (100% Natural and Raw)

Steel in its natural form will rust (indoors as well as out) - we call this raw steel.

If you are not after a rusted steel look or do not want maintain/clean the rust your legs then a durable, rust preventing finish is required. 

You can apply this yourself in a variety of ways, including paint, oil, wax, varnish etc. Please ask us for advice if you want any help doing this.

Alternatively you can select one of our professional finish options.

Clear Powder Coat

Clear coated legs give you the best of both worlds - Natural steel with all its character and a long lasting rust free finish. Both of which are durable and have minimal impact on the visual of the steel. You can only really tell close up and side by side to a raw steel leg that anything is different.

Coloured Powder Coat

We offer all of our legs in a black powder coat and most versions come in different colours too. The paint, just like the clear coat, will protect the legs from rusting but also provide a consistent smooth colour and texture to the legs.

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